December 13, 2017


OA2 Pro-Staff

The OA2 Pro-Staff is a group of OA2 supporters who have make an influence on the AR15 industry at large. Based on their participation within the industry, and their participation in the industry and their willingness to dshare their skills and talents with the membership, we have honored them with the Pro-Staff title, and value their participation.

Mike Milli
Dedicated Technology
Bemindji, MN
(218) 444-7419
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Manufacturer of custom AR15 uppers in a variety of calibers and configurations. Mike comes from a recognized line of dedicated firearms enthusiasts and gunsmiths, and his engineering expertise has been the driving force behind a number of AR15 innovations along the way.

Dustin Butler
Predator Down

Dustin is one of the west's primier professional predator hunters haveing won and/or placed in nearly every major live predator hunting contest west of the Mississippi. Dustin is a proud user of an Olympic Arms K8 Magnum chambered in 243 WSSM for his primary hunting tool.  Don't foprget to check out his web site at

George Fennell
Steel Shield Technologies

If it doesn't feed, sticks or squeeks, George if your man. A Lubrication Engineer of world reknown, George is one of the founders of Steel Shield Technologies, supplying the world with lubrication solutions in all means of application. From the Steel Shield web site:

"It is our conviction that to be the best is not sufficient, for that is only a comparison to the standards of others. Steel Shield Technologies distinguishes itself by implementing Advanced Boundary Film Technology (ABF) to reduce friction, heat and wear, providing the ultimate protection against abrasive metal-to-metal wear contact in the most extreme conditions imaginable.

It is our sole purpose to manufacture the highest quality, highest performance metal treatments, additives and greases that exceed the normal parameters of extreme pressure and anti-wear oils and lubricants, thereby saving maintenance costs, downtime, fuel consumption and improving functional reliability tenfold through Advanced Boundary Film Technology.

Our goal is, and will always be, to provide our customers the highest return on investment possible by manufacturing the products to our exact specifications and standards and pursuing the ultimate goal of perfection."

Tom Spithaler
Tom has been in the firearms industry for more than 20 years. A life-long hunter from the hills of western Pennsylvania, he combines with hunting and outdoor expertise with his military experience (including being a decorated combat combat veteran of Desert Storm) to give him a valuable perspecitive on the AR15 as a weapon system and a hunting tool. Working as the Sales & Marketing director for Olympic Arms for many years, Tom's writing skills have seen his works published in the Blue Book of Gun Values, Survival Quarterly and other publications.

Tom is currently very active in the industry, and wearing several hats. Currently employed by Olympic Arms, Inc, he also pastors a small non-denomicational evangelical Christian church in Bonney Lake, WA. He is also a successful freelance writer, and President of Spithaler Media Services providing web solutuons, advertising platforms, and home to not only OA2, but also,, and Born Again Briar.



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