December 13, 2017

Commercial Memberships


As clearly stated in the rules and regulations of this site with regards to forum use, commercial use of OA2 for non-contracted clientele is strictly forbidden. Memberships for dealer and industry partners are available as well. As stated, “The OA2 Forums are for individual, non-commercial use only. Commercial use of the forums for advertising purposes, or for contact of individual members is strictly forbidden unless the commercial vendor/entity in under contract with OA2 as a Dealer / Commercial member.” 

Commercial use is defined as: The advertising, advancing or promoting of one’s business, product or service within the body of a post, avatar, or signature line/block by any individual, group, corporation, conglomerate, partnership or business like entity for the purpose of using that information to promote or encourage OA2 readers to take advantage of said business, product or service with the purpose of making a profit or not.

The Benefits of Commercial Membership:

Forum Advertising: Commercial Membership allows for the restricted advertising of your business, product or service within the framework of the OA2 forums. Commercial members may advertise with their avatar, or in their signature block with linkable text or graphics. We do however discourage repeated advertising within the body of your posts or replies as this repetitive nature in the narrative flow of the thread is often a distraction from the content being discussed.

Dedicated Forums: Commercial Members are also eligible for their own forums. Each commercial member will be assigned as a moderator for their forum, and provided monitored oversight from additional OA2 Staff and or AC Members for continuity purposes and to maintain the over-all nature of OA2 for its membership. INSIDE your own commercial forums, you may advertise and or promote your products as you see fit provided you fall within the general guidelines regarding OA2 forum use. You may run member only specials, advertise sales and promotions etc.

Banner Advertisement: Commercial members are also provided a standard rotating banner add. This add may change in size or location from time to time as adjustments and upgrades to the forums layout progress, but will be provided for a 1-year term from the date of contract. Banner ads can include ‘flash’, and can be made by OA2 staff for you FREE of charge should you need graphic art assistance.

Commercial Memberships: $1500.00 annually.

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