****READ BEFORE YOU POST****Traders Den Rules

Read these rules before posting on Trader's Den. If postings are made that do not comply with Trader's Dens rules, they will be deleted.

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****READ BEFORE YOU POST****Traders Den Rules

Postby Belial » Mon Jan 01, 2007 12:59 am

OA2 Traders Den Rules

This forum is for Non-Commercial ads.

Members must have 50 posts in order to start a new Topic in this forum. New members can however post WTB ads in the testing forum which can be moved upon approval to the Traders Den by staff.

All for sale Ads must have a price posted.

No links to Auctions

Once Item has sold please add "Sold" to your subject line.

Do NOT back to top your thread unless its off the front page or you are actually updating the ad itself.

Do NOT post sold on your thread as it doesn't need to back to the top...

Keep Traders Den postings on topic...Do not "Crap" in someone elses thread. We have a place for feedback, discussions, and reviews...

There will a 5 item limit per month to members that do not have a commercial account. This limit is subject to staff approval. If you plan on selling and reselling alot of items you will be considered a vendor. Dealers, Vendors, and Advertisers please read here-

--Rule violations subject to thread edits and even deletions---

OA2 does not assume liability, nor is any created, by any representations made herein. Obligation to obey federal, state and local law is your responibility.
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