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Fire Control Group - CMC Trigger

Postby Caradepau » Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:55 am

Hello all.

Anyone ever install an aftermarket trigger to their pistol caliber Oly AR's?

I've installed CMC single stage triggers into my bushy and SigM400. Love em, crisp, no creep, 3.5 LBS pull. :thumbs up:

I was considering to eventually drop one into my K9-GL. But not until I've fired many rounds in mine.

A few concerns though..

Would it cause cycling issues (is the Oly 9mm rifles using a different FCG than a normal 5.56 AR)?
Wondering if the disconnector is unique (or any parts of the Oly FCG for their pistol cal AR rifles).
It all "looks" like a normal AR setup, only by looking at it when I had the upper/lower separated.

Would replacing the existing stock FCG void my warranty?

I've read the warranty on the Oly site again today.

I did not find anything on the Oly site about modifications to your rifle that would void your lifetime warranty.
I did find that those parts would of course not be covered by Oly, which is expected.
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Re: Fire Control Group - CMC Trigger

Postby John A. » Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:48 pm

Not sure if it would be compatible with the 9mm bolt or not.

I know when I built my 9mm upper (Colt style), it was very specific as to bolt/hammer compatibility. Unsure if the Oly is the same way or not.

As for warranty, I'm sure if a modification that you did caused damage, Olympic wouldn't be obligated to cover it since that wasn't their fault.
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Re: Fire Control Group - CMC Trigger

Postby Rattler » Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:50 am

The Olympic Arms 9mm (or any pistol caliber for that matter) use standard AR15 5.56/223 parts in the lower. All fire-control component parts are standard AR15.

Swapping parts and accessorizing your Olympic Arms rifle or carbine does not void the warranty you get against manufacturers defects - UNLESS those modifications can be related to any issues or deficiencies that might crop up because of the modifications you make.

Example: Improperly installed buttstock allows the buffer detent and spring to slip out of it's hole that, in turn, causes damage to the bolt carrier or receiver extension tube. That's not covered. The rear takedown pin falls out because you lost the detent and spring when you changed the stock. Not covered. Your selector no longer stays in the lower or does not provide an audible click because you changed the pistol grip and lost the safety detent and spring. Not covered. You experience feeding reliability issues because you improperly installed an aftermarket handguard that was not properly tightened.

Other issues: Your weapon experiences a catastrophic failure and you were using imported, steel cased or reloaded ammunition: Not covered. You experience feeding issues with steel case ammo - not covered.

Mostly common sense, but sadly things that need to be covered in writing.
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