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Postby Rattler » Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:25 am

Exclusive unit sold through Sports South Only

K16: Stainless Steel Tactical
This is a variation of the famous and extremely popular K16 carbine produced by Olympic. This unit is unique in that it comes standard with as 16" 416 SS bull barrel with a matte SS finish. The "SS" in the item code indicates the SS barrel. The "T" is for Tactical, in that it comes standard with the Olympic Arms FIRSH (Free-floating Integral Rail System Handguard) that not only free-floats the barre for better accuracy, but give you 4 rails with picatinny hard-points for mounting whatever accessories the customer may desire. The K16SST also comes standard with an ergo pistol grip and Olympic Arms manufactured aluminum bi-pod mount (neither of which are shown here).
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