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Olympic Arms SKU/Model Number Key

Postby Rattler » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:20 am

I thought I'd take a moment to explain the model numbers used in the Olympic Arms product. Produce or model numbers are often referred to as an "SKU" or SKU's. an SKU is a "Stock Keeping Unit", a term used by wholesalers and retailers to identify a particular product uniquely from any other.

Identifying a model number:
For some manufacturers a unique model number is engraved right on the lower receiver. But some are not. Take Colt's® products as an example. You may find an engraving on the reciever that says, "Sporter Lightweight", but what model of Sporter Lightweight is it? That is only found by tracing the serial number (which can sometimes be done on-line), or by viewing the SKU or model number recorded on the label of the shipping box. Further breakdowns are identified by the color of the labels on the box; blue label,m or green label.

For Olympic product, only a generic model number is recorded on the lower. This model number does not offer a great deal of detail, or offer any clear identification as to the SKU or catalog number, but does satisfy BATFE requirements for marking. The reason that Olympic does not engrave their lowers with the catalog number or SKU number is rather simple; they just make too many different calibers and configurations. To do so would mean stocking in quantity over a hundred different lowers for the different variations offered, something that is just not cost effective or practical. That being the case, identifying the actuial catalog number or SKU of the Oly model you have, is determined by the configuration into which it was assembled. For this, you'll need to know what the different in-house codes from Olympic really mean.

Receiver Model Number engravings:
Over the years, Olympic Arms has used three model number engravings. AR-CAR, MFR, and PCR.
AR-CAR was the designation prior to 1989 when SGW, the parent corporation for Oly, gave way to the Olympic Arms brand name and new rampant Griffon logo.
MFR, which stands for Multi-Functional Rifle, replaced AR-CAR as the Olympic Arms brand came into use and continued until September 13, 1994.
PCR: standing for Politically Correct Rifle, was the receiver designation during the Clinton era Assault Weapons Ban from September 13, 1994 through until September 12, 2004. PCR models were ALL initially manufactured without the items listed on the AWB. In other words, PCR models of any type did NOT ship from the Olympic Arms factory with a flash suppressor, threaded muzzle, bayonet lug, or functional collapsible stock. The only exception to this rule is those rifles shipped to LE and governmental agencies during this time, which were required by law to be Marked "For Law Enforcement, Government Use Only". This marking would be on the opposite side (right side) of the lower receiver. If you own a model marked PCR, and it does not have this marking, but has some of these features listed above, it is no longer in its factory original configuration, and probably has voided the factory warranty. Something to consider when purchasing a used Olympic AR15.

Catalog Number Decoder:
1st Number/Set:
K: Kit initially stood for "complete kit". In the beginning, Oly sold partial kits in several different iterations, partial and complete. K simply meant complete kit. It has been held as part of the catalog number since Oly started selling complete kits back in the late 70's. It has now come to signify "pre-ban" or "AWB" configuration, including (when appropriate to that model number), flash suppressor, threaded muzzle, bayonet lug, pistol grip, and collapsible stock. K is the current code in use.
PCR: See above.
UM: Means "Ultra Match". This has been a trademarked monker belonging to Olympic Arms for years. This means that the rifle is hand-selected. Parts used in these rifles are only the best of the best Oly has. All UM rifles are hand fit, with factory trigger jobs, and will be outfitted with an SUM (Stainless Ultra Match) barrel. Currently, UM is only used on 2 select Olympic models, the UM1, and the UM1p Premium model.
ML:ML signifies Multi-Match. The ML series (both models ML1, and ML2)

2nd Number:
Following the standard model designators above will be a number. These numbers follow the following references:
3: 16" bbl.
4: 20" bbl.
5: Factory assembled lower receiver unit; A2 or Collapsible with proper identifiers.
6: In the PCR Series) means 7.62x39 caliber, i.e. PCR6 was a 7.62x39 carbine. In the K series, is a designator for an Ultramatch Upper receiver unit. In other words, a K6 is a 20" UM1 upper.
7: 16" barrel with 20" sight radius, Eliminator style
8: 20" SS Bull BBl.
8Mag: WSSM and OSSM calibers.
9: 9mm
10: 10mm
40: 40 S&W
45: 45 ACP

End Codes:
K: Retail Kit. Example: A "K3BK", is a parts kit less the lower receiver, but has all other parts, like the upper receiver, fully assembled. Retail kits are not available to dealer customers.
DK: Dealer Kit. Example: K3bDK, is a complete K3B kit, INCLUDING lower receiver, and 100% UNASSEMBLED.
B: Complete and factory assembled.

Additional Identifiers:
FT: Flat-top. any unit sold with an A2 upper standard, can also be purchased as a flat-top.
A3: Designated detachable carry handle. Any model available with an A2 upper is also available as a flat-top or an an A3 model with the detachable carry handle.
M4: Designator for the M4 profile barrel. Lightweight under the handguard, with the M203 mount step forward of the FSB. All Olympic Arms M4 barrels are button rifled match-grade 416 SS barrels with a 1x9 twist.
TC: Designator for an options package that adds a FIRSH quad rail handguard. Applies to most models.
SBR: Short Barreled Rifle designator, also might have the actual bbl length attached e.g. "K3B-SBR11.5"
UMAR: Ultimate Magnum AR. This is the extended length mag-well lowers developed for WSSM and 22-250 calibers.
WSSM:Designates Winchester Super Short Magnum chamberings.
GL:Designated Glock style lower receiver designed to accept Glock® magazines only. Applies to the K9, and K40 models only.
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