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educate me

Postby philc » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:15 pm

Being new to this forum, and to the 5.56 world, I need some education. 55 or 62 gr bullets, or other weights. good? bad? Tracers, potential fun, but will they harm my barrel? Manufacturers, Good? bad? I see American, Good of course, russian, dutch, serbian. Steel case, brass case, Laquer coated, polymer coated.
Ammo prices, yep theyre high and I dont see em coming down. Kinda like gas prices, If we want it well pay, then they'll charge a little more. I might want to do some stocking up and I want the best bang for my buck!
I know this is alot of wide ranging questions on the topic but I need to Know.
As far as funcntionality it all relates to my Plinker Plus.
Thanks in advance, Phil
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Re: educate me

Postby Thom » Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:42 pm

The best weight is the one that shoots accurately through your barrel. I am not trying to sound glib, but it is a simple truth, try a variety of ammos in your rifle to see which one you like best. Tracers will not harm your barrel unless shot very rapidly in mass quantities, I doubt you can shoot enough ammo that fast to really damage anything, however they can create a fire hazard down range under certain conditions, always be aware of where your bullets are going.

Your Oly PP warranty can be voided when using certain ammo:

Excerpt of OlyArms Lifetime Warranty wrote:<Snip>The following items are specifically excluded from coverage under this warranty:

Normal wear of the protective finishes and of all metal or plastic parts.
Damage or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse or unauthorized repair or alteration.
Damage or malfunction resulting from barrel obstruction.
Damage or malfunction resulting from use of other than factory SAAMI specification brass cased new production ammunition.
Damage or malfunction resulting from the use of any imported, hand loaded, reloaded or factory re-manufactured ammunition.
Any finished products that are not assembled at our facilities, or are assembled using imported or used parts. This includes complete rifle kits, pistol kits, upper receivers, lower receivers, barrel units / assemblies, etc.
Any damage to Olympic Arms parts or components during assembly by an individual, organization, company or entity other than Olympic Arms.<Snip>

So you can see that steel cased ammo is out along with imported ammo if you wish to keep your warranty valid.

The full warranty can be found >>Here<<

I realize that I have not really given you any concrete advice aside from testing the ammo for yourself in your rifle. But that really is the best way to find what you will be happy with!
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Re: educate me

Postby John A. » Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:40 am

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the import ammo restriction is primarily because even if they load a bullet wrong and it actually does cause damage, that the ammo company could not realistically be held accountable, and thus, Olympic couldn't simply show them their findings and say "hey, your bullet caused us these expenses, how about reimbursing us for that."

Whereas American companies would rather reimburse for the cost of some parts just to stay out of the potential legal system about it.

I am aware that steel is physically harder than brass and to expect some more wear in certain area's like possibly the chamber and extractor especially, but realistically, I could save a lot of money shooting steel, even if I did have to pay out of pocket for an extractor, or eventually a barrel.

Ammunition cost over the life of my firearms, have historically been much more expensive than the cost of the weapon itself.

So, I shoot whatever I have on hand, and almost always whatever is cheap at the time. Even if it's import or import surplus.
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Re: educate me

Postby Globemaster » Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:46 am

philc wrote: Being new to this forum, and to the 5.56 world, I need some education, 55 or 62gr bullets, or other weights. good? bad?

with your PP being a 1:9 twist, I’d stick with the 55gr.

philc wrote: Tracers, potential fun, but will they harm my barrel?

I’ve never shot ‘tracers’ … as I have heard that they will harm the barrel, as they ignite as they’re traveling down the pipe.

philc wrote: Manufacturers, Good? bad?

for the most part; the US manufactured ammo is good quality; the imported ammo, is a hit or miss, depending on the specific brand® or manufacture.

philc wrote: I see American, Good of course, Russian, Dutch, Serbian. Steel case, brass case, Lacquer coated, polymer coated.

I shoot some imported ammunition; and if I shoot ‘steel-case’ I prefer the polymer coasted; as the lacquer coated stuff will melt, and gum up the chamber.

philc wrote: Ammo prices, yep they’re high and I don’t see em coming down. Kinda like gas prices, If we want it well pay, then they'll charge a little more.

just like anything else; you have to shop around; there are deals out there, you just have to find them.

philc wrote: I might want to do some stocking up and I want the best bang for my buck!

shop around, and Palmetto State Armory, has free-shipping on orders over $50 right now, so this would save you some coins.

philc wrote: I know this is a lot of wide ranging questions on the topic but I need to Know.

if you have more questions; fire away, I’m sure the other guys have lots of experience too.

philc wrote: As far as functionality it all relates to my Plinker Plus.

regardless what model or brand® of firearm you have; it’s always good to get some feedback from the others, as I shoot lots of ‘Mil-Surp’ ammo, as some of my firearms are vintage relics, and shooting steel-cased corrosive ammunition; is just the nature of the beast. :D
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Re: educate me

Postby TravisM.1 » Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:59 pm

I don't let the import/foreign ammo thing bother me, but then again, none of my rifles are completely Oly (just a few lowers) and in reality, if something goes wrong, I'm going to fix it myself rather than send it anywhere, so even the companies I've bought kits and uppers from won't keep me from shooting other stuff.

With that said, though, I stick with brass cased stuff. If I'm taking an AR out to shoot at the range, I take some of the 55gr Federal AE I've got stockpiled, and if I'm taking it into the woods, I've had good luck killing stuff with the 45gr Winchester HPs, 52gr UMC HPs, and 55gr soft points.
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Re: educate me

Postby Dstehl » Sun Dec 02, 2012 6:26 pm

I have an Olympic K3B with a stainless 16" on a 1in9 twist. I normally shoot 55gr. I did however purchase a 200rd Bulk Pack of Remington UMC 45gr HP. For some reason my barrel favors that ammo and I was shooting a bunch of 1/4inch 3 round groups at 100 yds using a 3-9x44mm scope. If I run 55gr my group size goes up to 3/4inch.
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