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Members Only Category Access Information

Postby Rattler » Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:40 am

With the growth of OA2, we are now offering for our paid membership, a Members Only Access area. This forum category, accessable only to paid OA2 Members, contains several Forums that are "hidden" to non-paid members. They are there, you just can't see them unless you are a paid member.

These are not forums that have been restricted from the unpaid membership. In other words, they are not forums or topics that we have moved from general accessability into a "members only" area. We honor and respect all members in OA2, and a FREE membership to OA2 will always be available. Free members have the word of the Staff at OA2 that no forums currently active and visible to all members will be removed or restricted just to get you to become a paid member. We do not work this way. BUT, we will be adding new forums and topics regularly that will be accessable only to our paid membership.

Some of these Forums will be (but is not limted to):
    Home State Forums
    Member Only Specials from our sponsors and in the OA2 Store.
    Members Only Trades/Sales/Deals

For detailed information about the Paid Membership levels and their benefits, go to this thread:
Member Benefits

If you are ready to make a purchase of a Membership, go to the OA2 Store.

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