January 20, 2018

K3BM4A3 Youtube® Review

Wanted to share with you all a rather professional review of the Olympic Arms K3BM4A3 model. While there are some minor factual errors, all in all, this is an accurate review that was done very well.

Check it out, ">HERE.

OA2 Facebook Presence Moves

Because of the way that Facebook is handling "groups" vs. "pages", the Olympic Arms Owners Association "Group" is becoming a "Fan Page" instead. The Official OA2 FB page is now located here:

OA2 on Facebook!

Go there, and "like" the page to keep updated with fans and users.  Tell your friends too! A lot of people use FB and do not visit our forums. Just another way to network and grow the Olympic Arms market presence to those people who might not otherwise find it.




Kudo's From a New Member

Got this email from a new member. Thought I'd pass it on.

Thank you so much.  I've been lurking for a while and I am amazed about the amount of knowledge and help I see on this board.  I have always been a handgun guy and have a pretty cool collection and just recently bought an Oly AR with about 1k rounds of XM193.  Looking forward to learning as much as I can.

Thanks Again,

Shahram Jalilian

Shahram really hit the nail on the head. OA2 is an awesome resource for any AR15 enthusiast. With over 3,100 registered members, and over 100,000 posts, there is a huge database of information and reviews. If you are not a registered user of OA2 already - you need to get involved soon!

Welcome to the New OA2.org

Welcome to OA2.

The Olympic Arms Owners Association was founded in 2000, when myself, and a small group of Olympic Arms owners and enthusiasts decided to offer an alternative to the other mainstream AR15 based web-forums. With OA2, we began the industries first brand associated AR15 owners group. Fully recognized by Olympic Arms as the Official Owners Association for Olympic Arms products, yet functioning 100% independant of Olympic Arms itself, OA2’s purpose is, and always shall be to create a family-friendly, safe, and non-confrontational on-line community for the exchange of ideas and information related to Olympic Arms and and all AR15's and AR15 related products. Since the time of its inception, OA2 has become one of the premier forums for AR15 informational exchange, and it has grown in size, membership, scope and influence.

While this web site is dedicated to the collection of, and dissemination of information associated to Olympic Arms brand products, we want to stress that owners of all brands of AR15 are welcome and encouraged to participate. Spend a few minutes browsing our discussion forums, and you'll notice right away that we are here for everyone.

Supported by factory reps who are members themselves, OA2 offers the best, most up-to-date an accurate information available to its members. Guaranteed family friendly, with a dedicated Staff and Advisory counsel, OA2 is safe for users of all ages and genders. With nearly 3000 current members, and over 89 THOUSAND informative articles, OA2 is right for you an your family to leanr and grow within the AR15 community.

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